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Lolia Eco Lodge is a 25-acre magical paradise situated on the more secluded, south-eastern shore of the Big Island of Hawaii. Our property is built on the principles of sustainability, community, and living in harmony with the Earth. Given our off-the-grid location, Lolia is an ideal spot to practice the sacred art of yoga.

The stellar location is only the tip of the iceberg -- Lolia is also affordable, meaning retreat leaders can actually make a profit versus breaking even when they host a retreat at the Lolia Eco-Event Center.  



Prices for retreat and group events start at $99 per person per day and this price includes three healthy Farm-to-Fork meals straight from our eco-garden on-site. Our whole-plant based meal catering for yogi's uses the freshest, organic ingredients from the aina (land) of Hawaii. Sustainably and locally sourced fruits, veggies, and herbs straight from the Lolia land, and from the local farmers markets are combined to make delicious meals to nourish your body and soul on your transformative yoga journey.


Lolia offers 15 indoor cabins and 10 outdoor tents with comfortable double occupancy accommodation. And we have a cedar hot tub for sore yoga muscles or just socializing under the stars.

Lolia has a large 1,800 square foot (60 ft. x 30 ft.) shala complete with an altar, raised stage-area, yoga props, and not-too-distant sounds of the ocean. It is an ideal spot to host a life changing yoga teacher training, or immersive retreat experience. There is enough space to accommodate large groups (up to 50-60) or small, intimate gatherings. Lolia has yoga props, mats, and a sound system ready for you to utilize.  


Additional space can be made available, depending on the size of your group. Our 750 square foot (24 ft. x 32 ft.) Pineapple Temple intimate space is perfect for smaller workshops, trainings or ceremony. The air-conditioned space comfortably seats 24-30 people.

Instructors Available

If you aren’t a yoga teacher, or aren't bringing one on your retreat, Lolia can also provide you with a skilled teacher to suit your group’s individual needs and growth, upon request for an additional fee.


Yoga Teacher Training

If you’re looking to host a off-the-grid, life-altering yoga teacher training (YTTs), Lolia offers you the option to rent the entire facility for an entire month or longer. We understand the needs for the very special intensive courses and know the potential they have to change people’s lives for the better.


Lolia offers your group the chance to bond and connect while grounding themselves back into Mother Nature.  The ultimate YTT experience at Lolia is unlike any other facility as your participants will be able to truly live in community and get back to the basics as their worldview & attitudes abut life shift during their course. Our eco-village space is an ideal environment for deep transformation at one of the power points in Hawaii.

Instructors available at Lolia
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