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What if I'd like to extend my stay?

If we aren't fully booked, we can extend your stay, but we highly suggest you book the exact amount of days as we may not always be able to accommodate extended stays.

If I book the room without a meal plan, can we still add meals later?

Yes! The easiest option is to simply purchase the meal plan when booking your stay, but if you end up wanting to dine out and purchase meals as you go, you can do so by choosing the following:

  1. Order the meals you know you want, such as breakfasts only, then pay in cash on site per additional meal you'd like to enjoy for the occassional lunch, dinner, or dessert.
  2. Purchase a la carte a number of meals by paying via Paypal or Venmo.
  3. not sure the other answers

Can I book a bunk room to be private if I didn't at first?

If you've already paid for the room, you will incur additional fees for the private rate, but you can only upgrade your booking if the room is not already booked with shared guests. If the room has already been booked, you would need to purchase a different room and you would be charged a late booking fee to change your reservation.

If I book a canopy, but want a dorm room or visa versa, can I change bookings?

We will do our best to accommodate you, but booking changes can only be applied if there are vacancies for spaces available during your scheduled calendar dates. It is best if you decider earlier on, what you want to have, because the chances of getting what you want diminish the closer you get to your planned arrival date.

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